Why Buy Mini-Trucks?

Used and Abused throughout the World since to ’60’smtimg1

Our Japanese Muanufactured vehicles will out preform, out work, use less fuel, and hold their resale value better than ANY RTV/ATV. Side by Side, 6×6 or OTHER mini truck

Unlike non Japanse built mini trucks, we have parts availability from ’80’s to current models.

The vehicles have an automotive power plant and drive train. Trucks have a full box frame (doubled in some areas), fully enclosed cab, seat belts, wipers, full instrumentation, power steering, heater, radio, with optional AC, AT.

We have a varity of options to fit your particular needs.

Drive between buildings and up sidewalks on campuses and factorys. Huals your Trades tools, pick up refuse, use as a security vehicle, etc. etc.
Push snow or feed with the optional plow.

Trucks can haul and dump large hay bales, hold 25+ 5 gal. pails for farm chore needs. Haul your generator, welder, air compressor, fence posts, seed for your planter, fuel for field equipment, spray fence lines, etc.

Deliver mail with a Right Hand Drive Shuttle or Mail Mate in the street legal States.

Pull a groomer in a heated cab (suggest a RPM gage as you will not hear the motor) with the optional tracks.

Early 1990s 4×4 standard equipped Mini Trucks sell for around $4,000. I wonder what a ’91 Gator sells for?